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Ignition Woes

#9193 came with the dual points and has been running well until a few weeks ago when it didn't want to restart. I installed a relay (power source straight from battery with a fused link) and was going to upgrade to the Pertronix IGNITIOR III module and coil, but I couldn't remove the points base plate and didn't want to risk destroying it. I left the points, buttoned her back up and she started immediately and ran fine. I returned the module and coil back to Pertronix for a refund. Yesterday I took her out and she was running well then died a few miles from my house. Had her towed back home but haven't had a chance to troubleshoot. Regardless I would like to upgrade to electronic ignition and have read these forums about Duraspark I, Pertronix, etc...

I had a Pertronix IGNITOR I module fail in my TR6 and it left me stranded. I'm hoping the IGNITOR III module is better but also read on the forums about a few issues with it from the factory. Have any of you guys gotten one of these rebuilt distributers and added a  Duraspark I module?


I want a won and done approach where I don't have to monkey with the system. Thoughts?

BTW had to include this pic since the composition was so nice! lol



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