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Reply to "In Car Harmonic Balancer Removal"

7DF365F7-19BE-4A0B-9096-F64CCCA050A58F82E731-F276-47C2-A621-C131E36C42E0AAE43F19-C3D9-4299-9B1E-7F18B8E46E61Solve this by doing what Sharkey just suggested.

I am including these photos for clarity and posterity.

One photo is the bridge type pointer that is the topic of this thread.

another photo is the alternate timing pointer supplied by Ford.

last photo is the smaller style as installed on a Cleveland



Images (3)
  • 7DF365F7-19BE-4A0B-9096-F64CCCA050A5
  • 8F82E731-F276-47C2-A621-C131E36C42E0
  • AAE43F19-C3D9-4299-9B1E-7F18B8E46E61