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Insurance Advice Needed

Hey guys.
Had a terrible month and finally got out for a ride in the cat (after 3/4 weeks).Life threw me a bunch of curves and the Pantera was able to put a big grin on my face. Until I stopped at a light and got hit from behind.
Nothing too bad but my 180 exhaust is toast and the back rear panel needs to be replaced.
My question is.....I'm with State Farm and I'm hearing that they will try to be as cheap as possible. I have a custom House of Kolors paint job and doubt they will be able to match it 100%. I just had the car appraised at $135k and want to make sure the repairs are done to my level of satisfaction.
How do I go about this without pissing off the wrong people at my insurance company?
They told me that an estimator will come out and give me an estimate and I will take it to a shop to be repaired. WTF? Shouldn't the shop do the estimate?
Any inside insurance advice appreciated.
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