Just scored these Pantera Manuals FREE!

Got introduced to a business associate that had a Pantera about 10-15 years ago. Great guy I was told, you have to meet him, you and he will hit it off, he a Porsche Club of America Driving Instructor, etc. When we met he says he still had the original Pantera manuals that came with his car when he purchased it....he asked if I wanted them? Duh... I said heck yeah! So we met him Tuesday and he gave me all four, all in great conditions:
1. Pantera by Jan P. Norbye...a bound 7 page intro to the Pantera
2. Pantera Technical Information Manual in original 3 ring binder
3. 1971/1974 Chassis and Body Master Parts Catalog
4. Pantera Technical Service Bulletin Manual....on back cover it has: Hall Pantera, address and phone and "Worlds Largest Pantera Parts House"

What luck...some of these have to be pretty hard to find now. It's fun just thumbing through the Master Parts Catalog seeing all the different parts blowups and the corresponding part number, it also shows series 1, and series 2 versions, for example, it shows a series 1 and series 2 front spindles, or dash board and bumper versions before and after a certain serial number. This is very cool.

If anyone needs a certain page PM me and I'll up load for you.


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