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the issue is IF GOING for 3 points where to put the retractor  (TX for the term Jack)

============ALL Panteras had 'three point' seat belts.====

well no my 4907 Euro GTS does not have it although fixtures are available at the fire wall..

The original 2 point retractor (both are broken so scrap though) was in the rocker and then covered by the STOCK metal sheet which also holds the STOCK plastic fixture which supports a decent angle - special for 2 point. The 2 point retractor is smaller (less thick and less wide) than modern 3 point retractors, hence the problem as sticking out of the rocker. I could buy a Corvette C2 67 2 point retractor as same model  as Pantera to replace the 2 point..

I DO NOT want a 2 point as too dangerous even with an adittional part "klicking" in.. I want something similar to this set:

----- As part of the 'L' factory upgrades done in '73-'74, the shoulder strap was permanently attached by sewing to the seat belts and got its own retractor built into the rear bulkhead (both seats). This was a factory change and seems difficult and expensive enough to reproduce that trading cars might actually be a better way to upgrade.---------------------------------

More or less any 3 point will do then. Additional sewing for a 2 point to add is not an option as not approved in case of a real emergency. (I thought about that, well but rejected).

It looks as if the thicker 3 point retractor will fit between the firewall and the bulk head cover with a littel stand over (there is app 2" space). Shure one need to cut some of the bulkhead cover (see picture). The retractor  can be fixed at the rail going cross the cabin at the floor, as has openings to fiddle the bold nut in.  The other end of the strap will be fixed inside the rocker as original. OK this strap will be permanently sticking out so not a 100% model as it is a bit in the way for in and out of the car (the old model had the metal part of the belt sticking out as well),  but much better as the retractor sticking out.  

Just want to see a picture how someone has done it if anyone, to avoild experimenting.

Well if the FJ30 model does a better job I AM ON ...need a picture please as well on this set up. And where to get the FJ30 stuff...I am back in the US in October..for a smart IMPORT



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