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Reply to "Longchamp 2411"

Mark, congratulations on finally growing up. I've stated this before, any Pantera owner that's NOT in the market for a Longchamp should have his head examined. Big Grin Perhaps more so when they cost nothing, now they're getting more expensive.

And yes, you'll be constantly surprised at how people react to it. You kind of expect a reaction with a Pantera, but I've been surprised at people actually running across the street at great peril to be sure to catch me when I was parking my Longchamp in Copenhagen. A guy at my wife's workplace constantly states that the Longchamp is the most beatiful car in world. And once a guy followed me home to talk about the Longchamp.

I once did this list, just before I bought my Longchamp: If you look for a car with these credential, what would it be:
-300HP V8
-Almost racecar handling
-GT type interior
-Auto trans(yes, gotta have that Smiler )
-Low cost of buying
-Low cost of maintaining
-Low cost of making faster
-Absolutely superior sound
-Decent trunk etc. for daily use
Not many alternatives out there I think.

Forgive my excitement, can't help reattaching picture from Spa track session, where I for some reason ended up in front of everyone, including the Ferrari just behind me. I was about to overtake the pacecar when they made it clear to me that that was not popular

For the money, it's simply the best car in the world.


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