Reply to "My Pantera listed for sale June 11 has not sold"

Original being as assembled by Detomaso and delivered to the US dealers here.

ANYONE is going to be hard pressed to find that. Seems with a Pantera everyone has their own definition of what is "original" or acceptable as original.

Just for the moment, consider what is judged by the MCA (Mustang Club of America)in Concourse as original. They mean how the car came off of the assembly line, not with service parts which most times are different than what the car was built with.

Certainly ANY "updates" are not original under those rules.

The ONLY departure from that is if the car has been repainted, they allow for the variation from the original acrylic enamel paint, to any of the current formulas.

They don't even allow "dealer installed" undercoating.

That is the prevailing thought on what a Concourse car is vs. the Pebble Beach thought of if it's shinny, it's good?

Just finding a car with the original US 7x15, 8x15 and Arriva Goodyear tires is getting very difficult to do now.

Now having said that, personally, I don't find those cars (my definition of original) desirable at all. I think that's why original cars are at the bottom of the heap, but what the heck, this is a nice friendly discussion right? No one trying to impose their opinions as Gospel?