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Reply to "My Pantera listed for sale June 11 has not sold"

Originally posted by sonny 4233:
what ever it is it is. iam glad at least to get some talk about my car even if not everyone or anyone likes the interior,and if that stops a sale then they dont want a goo pantera. they will just have to wait so they can get one for more money and have to fix things so it can be driven and enjoyed. thanks for the comments guys i appricate all the input sonny

Sonny, you obviously don't like the feedback about your car. What makes you think your car is the only good one for $56k? Im sure its a very nice car. If I was in the market for a $56k car, I would look at yours if it was priced $5k below a similar car with black or graphite interior. Thats because I could change it ( and I would).Many people won't buy it because of int or ext colours.
I've seen people not buy homes because the interior had poor colours. And rooms are much easier to paint than a car. Its unfortunate, but thats the reality.
We understand WHY you did it. No need to keep explaining that.
When I was helping my brother find a Viper a few years back, a yellow car could be had for $8-$10k cheaper than other factory colours. No shit.