Reply to "Need Shifter Lever"

Originally posted by Rich L.:
I think Wilkinson has them for ~$200, maybe not NOS, but an aftermarket item, I don't know. Worth a call.
Pantera Parts Reno wants $350, or more. I've found on every item I went to buy that Reno's actual price was way higher than he lists on his website. He is too often higher than other vendors anyway.
Pantera East listed something like $225, but noted NLA (no longer available) since June 1996.

Try PPF.

I think some may pay the extra $ for the Ford/Factory item, but it is at least a couple of hundred for even a remake.

Any MetalMan want to churn out a few at a reasonable price? I'd take one.

Thanks Rich - Was able to get a new one from Wilkinson for $175.00 - I also bbokmarked thier site - The online catalog system was cool. Just hit the button and buy - But that could be dangerous....LOL