Reply to "New guy looking"

Wow, you guys are a good bunch.
First thank you for the advise and tips.
Second, if you invite me chances are I'm accept so be careful.
I'm in the process of shutting down - selling off 40 years of aircraft parts and tools so my spare time is nonexistent.
The GTS offered on eBay is exactly what I'm looking for. I can bring a machine back to life that has been inactive. What I can't do is a major crash or corrosion rebuild.
The guy offering the car (9193) seems to be not too modivated to sell. Probably loves it while the wife hates it.Been there.
Also I am not wild about what seems like a semi one off car.
Even though I've been reading what I can find I'm not sure exactly what makes a GTS a GTS other than it's post Ford. Would that be a draw back ?
Since the car is L/H steering I would assume it was intended for export. If so would it be considered " grey car " ?
If I go serious on 9193 you guys have any contacts I could hire to give it a once over ? I do not have the time now for a trip to Long Island.
Last, you all have some absolutely beautiful machines.If they run like they look I'd you guys are true masters of the Pantera craft. Good craft masters are very hard to find today.
Last of the last, I may not know squat about Panteras but I do know general aviation / light aircraft inside out. If any members need help or advise please contact me at and I'll try to pay back the help you've offered.
Thanks again.