Reply to "New guy looking"

I had my neck out on this one but I bought the car and it is amazing. Much nicer than I hoped.
I have bought cars in the past that had been inactive for log periods but never have I seen one like this. The rubber ( molding and hoses ) look almost new. The only part of the car that show age is the leather interior which I think can be restored with some TLC.
All the brake calipers were frozen so I had to remove them to move the car into my garage.
Have not had any time to work on anything for the last 3 weeks but now I do.
Fingers crossed that the engine will come to life without a hitch.
This car is an absolute survivor and being so probably deserves to be left in it's original condition.
Any thoughts or advise are welcome. Specially concerning leather restoration and caliper rebuilding. Not yet sure what calipers are on the car. Need help jacking as my floor jack will not slide under the car.
Yahoo fun project in the garage. I love machines.
Will post photos when I can move the car.
Thanks all.