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Reply to "NEW PRODUCT – 351C Fast Water Pump Pulley"

Better cooling is the result of good airflow through the radiator and the coolant spending optimum time in the radiator.

Increasing coolant flow may not be the answer.

Just my experience . . .

Running the water pump at the intended speed of Ford Engineers is a good thing. Torinos and Mustangs of the era actually run the water pumps faster than the 11% increase that my water pump pulley will provide. Those cars had crank pulleys in the range of 7 inches.

I agree with your point that airflow is key. However, it is a proven fact that running the water pump faster at idle will help with low speed cooling. This will not correct a car with a cooling system problem. AGAIN, this is for low speed cooling. It's effect on cruise or performance driving will be minimal.


11% at 6500 will spin the water pump at 7215rpm. Do you think that is too fast for the period of time your motor will see 6500?

Again, our water pumps are UNDER DRIVEN from the factory. Some of the other Ford cars of the era had 7 inch crank pulleys with 5.5 inch water pump pulleys. That is way more than the 11% my pulley will provide.

I am not reinventing the wheel here folks. I am simply driving the water pump at a closer speed to what the Ford engineers did on the other cars of the ERA.

Others have done a similar change with other pulleys with AMAZING positive results.

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