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Reply to "NEW PRODUCT – 351C Fast Water Pump Pulley"

I applaud and appreciate anyone that develops products for our Panteras.

Just as performance products are dyno tested confirming HP improvements, so should this product.

You are stating that by increasing the water pump speed it in fact reduces the engine’s operating temperature. All I am asking is that you provide actual data from your testing.

Important data would be the “Cleveland’s” water pump as stock or aftermarket? An original radiator or after market? The fan type and their placement.

But most importantly temperature readings (preferably a calibrated aftermarket gauge and sending unit) at various engine speeds before and after the installation of your product.

Assuming you did run these tests on one or more “Cleveland” equipped Panteras supporting your claim of reduced operating temperatures should not be difficult.

Thanks 4134. We will provide that data shortly. I actually have offered the pulley to a few owners to do there own evaluation and then report back in order to get a nice mix of different configurations.