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Reply to "NEW PRODUCT – 351C Fast Water Pump Pulley"

A great and very thorough analysis. And by your post this pulley could/should improve low speed cooling.

But what bothers me is that this product was stated as showing “AMAZING” results. Even with your extensive post there is no statistical data supporting this statement. Or what effect it may have at higher RPMs.

It would be honest and fair of the seller to state that his product in theory should reduce coolant temperatures, but is as yet untested. The buyer should be informed that they are in fact the beta testers.

This type of marketing is at best assumptive and at worst misleading and deceptive.

The testing has been done prior to my statement. I have talked with several owners who have done this change on their own with very favorable results. I have myself, increased the water flow on my 351C (when I had it) and saw a 10 degree reduction in water temperatures.

The word amazing is a marketing term. Are you having low speed temperatures problems? If not, I wonder why you feel the need to police my advertizing.

I guess I need to run my ads by the Pantera community before I release a product to make sure I am not offending someone by a marketing term.

Geez... the computer is going off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!