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I figured it was time for an update. I have been super busy at work and weekends have consisted of playing catch up on customers vehicles. I was finally able to break away and do a bit more work. Since I last posted many things have changed. Due to changes being made to the aero of the car I have lost the ability to run a dropped floor pan. This made sitting in the car with a helmet very tight with the current roll cage so I decided to rebuild the cage. I also decided to redo how the rear chassis was built and decided to go with round tubing over the square stuff I was using before. Seeing as the Gallardo transaxle has an output shaft to feed a front differential I decided to play a bit. I got a hold of a R8 front differential and decided to carry the framework right to the front of the car.  To think this started off as a simple motor swap..... I now have enough welded together to get the car on a rotisserie to finish welding all of the joints. I can then get to the body modifications. Other than removed drip rails and moving the front fenders a bit higher I am keeping the upper portion of the body pretty much the same. The lower portion of the body will be getting a host of functional aerodynamic elements to assist in track duty which I am hoping to see plenty of. The current weight of the chassis with decklid and front differential is around 800lbs but still needs a bit more metal work and doors as well as hood. I am currently planning to reproduce the doors, hood, and decklid in carbon fiber to keep the weight down. Anyhow, enjoy the pics!








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