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Reply to "Not For the Faint of Heart - Chassis Mods for a Coyote Engine Installation"

bosswrench posted:

Blaine, two suggestions for more loss of sleep: try the cable shifter developed by Lloyd Butfoy for his 6-speed ZF, and refined by the current rights owner (who's shop name escapes me right now but it's popular with GT-40 kit-guys and other mid-engine racers). A few are being successfully used in Panteras.

Steve Wilkinson in So-Cal has a complete Pantera SI frame hanging on the wall of his shop, rescued from the debris of the old DeTomaso factory in Modena. He has photos.

Cheers- J DeRyke

Lloyd Butfoy has not been involved with the Pantera Cable Shifter for a VERY LONG TIME. The current Pantera Cable Shifter looks nothing like the unit that started with Lloyd. It has been refined and improved many, many times over the years. This is an SACC Restorations product and has been for many years. 

 SACC Restorations has made many improvements over the years. The geometry has been changed to improve the shifting experience. The units now comes completely anodized for lasting beauty at no extra charge. Once installed it never goes out of adjustment and requires zero maintenance.

 WAY MORE than a few are being successfully used on Pantera's around the world. I wouldn't be surprised if there are over 100 Pantera's that have this product installed if you go back to when the product was first introduced.

The new units can be viewed at:

SACC Restorations
CNC Performance Parts