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OEM vs Poly Bushes

I am having a hub refurbishment undertaken, so thought that with everything off the car, it made sense to undertake a full suspension overhaul as the parts are off anyway, and the replacement parts are cheap.

The car is fitted with poly bushes at present, and rides well (in my opinion, I am yet to drive another Pantera!), but I am recommended to go back to OEM. What would anyone recommend?

If I go Poly Bush, any particular brands/model that anyone recommends?

Would you recommend that I replace all the bolts/washers involved?

Springs, shocks and suspension arms look okay, and may survive the cull!

Current cars stance is like so, is this about right? I like the ride height as I can drive it hard on rough roads, and am yet to ground it out, or catch the front splitter.Side Profile


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