Old Spanish Trail with Pantera

...I have been planning this Road-Test for Years.    August 1-4, 2019

Take the Pantera to Americas' Southwest Deserts and Photograph and Video, ALL. The Hottest Place On Earth, the Hottest Time of the Year. Take the Kat Beyond the 'Point of No Return' and Bring Her Back, Alive, Running Stronger.

A  video camera both 'In Cockpit' And One Mounted on the Rear Wing, right then left. There is some drone video. A Lot of 'in cockpit' video, Most of it showing Both Coolant Temp Gauges. Also showing the Time on My Wristwatch. Amazing! The Faster I Drive, The Slower the Watch Moves! Or, So It Appears. 

Also, we were running a Rear-View/Blind-Spot, CCTV Camera with 11" Monitor, which was Very Handy, and shows up in Most of the Videos. Marlin was Crazy Enough to Pull This Off! Faith in the Pantera and his Maintenance of the 351 Cleveland, and the Cat.

The Desert was 118F Degrees at Emigrant Pass Aug 2, 2019 2:30PM . AC? What, are You Kidding Me? NO! I Laughed at the HEAT and Ignored it! Except, I Never Ignored the 2 Coolant Gauges, Nor the Eng/Xaxle Oil Temps.


(1) Sony Camcorder

(2) Two GoPro Cameras

The Gopros could Handle the Heat, I Mean One was always out in direct sunlight, the Inside Cam was suction-cupped to the Sunroof. Actually, it was near impossible to Read the Touchscreen in Bright Direct Sunlight. The Only Shade was ME! Couldn't even see the RED LED indicating the Camera was ON. It Was On! 

This Pantera Liked to run at 80 MPH. 82 would rise in Temp, 78 would Cool Back Down. Phenomenal. Digital Gauge would read 200F to 214F. The Veglia (Factory Gauge Marked as (90-160-230) F Degrees, (Sender in the Block) would Show 158F, Just under the '160'F Mark, being Straight-Up On The Gauge . When Hottest, would Read 162F, just to the Right of '160'F.  The Hottest I saw on this gauge was 190F, that time when we pulled off to get gas and were crawling behind semis, on the off ramp. That was after 2-3 hrs, sustained at 90MPH. I-5 South. Outside Temp 100F+.The R. Plate and 180F Thermostat, were Doing Their Jobs, Very Well! And all of That, is On Video with Stereo Sound!

The Pantera 'NEVER Missed a Beat'. She Fired-Up First Time, EVERY Time. When Shut-down, she shuts off right now. There was No Ticking, Hissing Cooling sounds...Nothing, Silence!    

Last of the Cameras, 1 Video Drone. The Drone performed Perfectly. I have Never Flown A Drone Before. I have watched multiple 'Video Classes', such as ' Cinema with a Drone'. My Thanks to those Teachers! This was My Learning/Practice Session, and NOT Forgetting to Turn ON the Drone Video Camera, OR Forget to peel-off the Camera Lens protection Sticker! HOT and Windy, I thought it might Not Fly, IT Proved Me Wrong! NO Crashes. Just send Her STRAIGHT-UP Up to 200+ Feet, and Fly, Hover...Pan! Took-Off from the Roof of the Pantera (Sunroof), Twice, and Ended the Second Flight, Landing Back onto the Roof. Skilled! And in the Wind, it's All on Video. The First flight, Ended by Snatching the Drone Out of a Hover, I shut down the Motors using one elbow (Video to follow). Flying with the GPS On, I Did NOT use the 'Return to Home'. Thanks for the Breeze, by the Way! I Filmed about 40 Minutes worth (2 Drone Batteries, 2 Sessions). I finished up with the Drone, before the Wind became Strong Enough to make the 'Loose Gravel' Sign and Post, wave and Twist. Shown in a Last Videoed, Hand-Held Panorama, with the sound of rushing wind.   

 I could Not get Drone Video of the Pantera Cruising, as I had No One Else with Me to Operate It. No One wanted to go with Me (Smart) and I did not want to 'Torture' a 'Innocent' Person, who did Not Know What to Expect! Turns out, There was No Room for a passenger, anyway. I don't Travel with the 'Trunk Tub', and, all of My Gear occupied the Passenger Seat. Tools, Spare Parts and Oil, were in the Nose.  NO spare Tire! But, had a 'Tubeless Tire Repair-Kit' and a 12 Volt Compressor. I Didn't realize it until I returned Home, a Spare tire would NOT have Helped Me as I Forgot to Bring the Special TOOL for removing the 10 Rear Wheel, 'Anti-Theft' Lug-Nuts. Just as well...I also forgot the JACK! And most of us know, running with two different size tires on the Rear, using the spare, WILL Damage the ZF. The Rear Tires were 'Brand-New', after getting Her back in the Garage, I Felt Lucky, I had Zero Problems with any of the 4 Tires. I left in Haste, My Logistics called to Leave the Curb at 3:00 PM, I Left at 3:30.


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