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...Second Photo is 'Leaving Holiday Inn, Pahrump, NV', Saturday Morning. (No!, the Spot of Oil on the Ground was Left from a Previous Vehicle).

The Desert is Bright at 8:30am and already 89F. Pahrump to Vegas ('Terribles' at 'Blue Diamond') in 39 Minutes 32 Sec. I would like to make it clear, here...this was Not a Race for Time! It was a 'Sustained Cruise'. We just started the Timer after the Morning Re-Fueling-Stop. Refreshments at Terribles and then We're off to Cruise the Entire Length of the Las Vegas Strip, Northbound at 12:30 in the Afternoon. 5-Lanes in One Direction, Slow Moving and Followed, most of the way, by a Rolls Royce. In all of My View I estimated near 100,000 People on the Sidewalks. Mostly Tourists looking for a Place to eat lunch, and others just trying to find a place to Park. In the Pantera, Yes! We 'Turned' a Few Heads, and Received a couple of Comments. The Scene Looked to Me Like...'A Freak-Show Meets the Walking Dead!' We Finished to the End of the Strip and took the Expressway Over to LAKE Las Vegas, to Make an Appearance there. Cruising with a All-Black Audi Sport Coupe. Blacked-Out Windows, Gorgeous!  IT was a Trip!

Every Foot of Highway and Scenery Is Recorded On Video. BORING!! But! With Marvelous Panoramas, From Mountain Peaks, Cliffs, and Passes, to Wide Open Desert, Right Down to the Guardrail. Long Straight-Aways and Vanishing Points, Blending into Beautiful Sweeping Curves, that Never End. Many Memorable Moments, all in the Desert, Ripe for Editing. Some would be Interested in the Videos, In Their Entirety, I have Hours of It, And It's a CLEVELAND! 'Ain't IN 'NO'' SUV, Babi !!

YOUR View, is 'Riding' on This Panteras' Wing, Observing a Sustained Cruise Speed of 80mph, Up, Over and Down, Mountain Passes. Also, Many Other Desert Highways and Interstates. The Audio? The Cleveland Speaks, Indescribable....and including Wind Noise. And, there is the In Cockpit 'Passengers' View'.  I Did Not Record Video in Timed-Lapses, so as to Maintain All of the Original Sound Recording of the Engine! Some Music was Played during one of the In Cockpit Videos. And, In All the Videos...NOT a Single Word is ever Spoken. This was Not a Documentary, and My Voice would have Spoiled the Scenes. AND, The Driver would Never Attempt to 'Talk-Over' the 'Exhaust Note' of a 500 Hp Boss 351 Cleveland with a 10.6:1 Ratio and a +2 Over-Boss, Cam...It would just Ruin the Vibe!

The 'Wing Cam' shows Into the Cockpit, as well as ALL of the Surrounding Scenery, with that Wide-Angle Lens. The Definitive 'Pantera ON The Road'. Yes, it shows Marlin at the wheel, but this was never about Him! This Sojourn is about The Desert, The Road, and The Machine In the Heat! Marlin was Just the Driver!

Next Photos...Just coming down from Emigrant Pass, into the Lowlands. Looking East from In-Cockpit, 'Vanishing Point'!  Next Stop...spend the Night in Pahrump.


...Go to 'Google Maps'. You can Search and Find all of These Roads There. Then switch over to the Satellite Imagery and Zoom-In, as I did many times. When planning this Trip, I Viewed every Mile of each Road, Highway and Interstate that I would Satellite. What is really Cool...If You Max ZOOM Down onto ANY Road, that was surveyed by the Camera Team, At Maximum Zoom, the Aerial View, flips to the 'Street View', and You can Pan 360 Degrees, AND Zoom-In Even More. Very Handy when choosing a Place to Spend the Night, Booking Hotels and Finding Gas Stations and Comparing Fuel Prices, or places to set up Camera Shots. Then, if You Zoom Back-Out, just One or Two Clicks, the Street View flips into a 'Birds-Eye' View...NOT Straight-down-Over-head, But, is at a 45 Degree Angle to the Ground. Useful when 'Following' along a Road or Other, and All Objects are Defined Clearer.   



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