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Reply to "Pantera 04042 restoration"

Thanks Rocky, appreciate that.

OK, so I was out of commission last weekend due to a minor eye surgery. No biggy, but had to sit on the couch all weekend. Managed to sneak in about two hours yesterday, and today the house was I got to rock a roll a little bit before the girls showed back up at about 4pm. I spent quite a bit of time finishing up repairs on the torn/damaged frame holes...

Both front frame holes looked like this...

These repairs concluded the underbody work, so I lowered the car down on the stands to get started on the rocker repairs.
After contemplating it for a while...I made the tough decision to cut off more 1/4 panel in order to get to the spot welds.

Oh turning back now.....

With all the welds cut or ground off, the rocker was removed to expose the ugliness in full light.

Here is what's left of the bottom of the "B" pillar.... Eeker

The inner rocker isn't all too bad. The section under the nastiness had to be removed though.

Then did basically the same procedure on bottom of the "A" pillar.'s the total damage at the end of the day.

Unfortunately I will need to break out the sand blaster next weekend to clean up all the rust before I can proceed. Then, it's time to start fabricating some panels.