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Reply to "Pantera 04042 restoration"

Feb 9th weekend progress... got the driver's rocker hammered out...
Started with addressing the drain holes mentioned by Kirk above. Decided to make holes both at corners and center. What the heck...belt and suspenders...

Then tackled the bottom sub structure of the A pillar.

On this one, I planned ahead and incorporate the holes into the form.

Then I tackled the rocker repair at the B pillar.

This line was kicking my butt.... Ultimately I had to call on my shop helper for another set of hands in order to get it. I figured with the door closed, this line runs parallel to the door bottom, so it had better be right.

Then filled the bottom B pillar hole.

Then the A pillar hole.

Then coated it all in the Eastwood "Internal Frame Coating".

Here is the "before" again...

The driver's side is now ready for re-assembly.