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Pantera #5172 project

Hello everyone.

Like some people may have noticed, I bought 'roofit7774' project Pantera. It's a -73 model with a VIN 5172.
The Cat arrived just two days ago in a container here in frosty Finland. It took almost two months to ship it from Vancouver.

I haven't yet had a time to get on the car properly, just only managed to get it inside the garage.
Here's some what I know:
- Glass fiber Gr4 arches
- Body completely rust free
- Interior done with Dynamat, leather and Dodge Viper seats
- Engine built by hotrod shop in Canada
- All the wirings done and also the cooling system

To be done during the years (my goal is to get it on the road perhaps summer 2017):
- Big brake kit
- 17" OZ Futura wheels (centers already bought)
- Paint (most likely some deep black)
- All the unattached parts that came with the car
- Probably restoring the original style headlights
- Many other things that will appear when I properly become familiar with the Cat

Excitement was huge. Spent thousands of euros of a car I haven't ever personally seen and has travelled 7 weeks from across the other side of the earth.

My father was once again amazed what I have bought (previously have owned Porsche 911 and Corvette C5). So anxious to have this car in their garage for the next few years Big Grin

Rolling the Pantera towards the garage..

It would take few lonely nights before it's done...

Dat ass...

And the last but not least: The 351.
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