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Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

Got my Front Suspension pretty much buttoned up. You can see the pictures in the slideshow here. Things remaining:

1. Brake Hose Routing
2. Bleed Front Brakes
3. Bed Front Pads (Porterfield R4S)
4. "Home Align"
5. Professional Align (Set Up Car / Set Final Ride Height)

So my project got delayed a bit by a "difficult to install" front passenger rotor. The bearing had run hot at one time, and the spindle was just slightly damaged - it had a little ridge on the outside, and then on the inside it was just a tiny bit undersized.

I struggled with that for a week until I got that one figured out, and understood how to get the inner bearing race set on the spindle. Now it is set, and all is buttoned up.

Enjoy the pictures.

Suspension Upgrade - Final Pix

Thanks again to Wade (MarkIV/4280) for the precision work:

1. Setup of the Bearings in the Rotors
2. Pressing Out / Reinstall Bushings
3. W-WadeCo Camber Lock Kit
4. Caster Modification to Ball Joints
5. Specialty Tools
6. Expert Advice

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