Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

I can tell the interest is boiling over... So I will tell all.

I borrowed two tools to attack these recalcitrant studs (remind you of anyone????)

Anyway - the first is a Proto 4515 Stud Remover. This is the tool I used efficatiously.

It is basically a large, heavy rounded deep-well socket-like contraption. It has a 1/2" drive on one end. The offset hole bored in the side accepts a wedge with a very aggressive rasp-like surface.

Judicious application of the wedge, and torque on the drive digs the hardened teeth into the stud. The wedge shape is pulled ever tighter into the stud as torque is applied. Obviously, you want to set it up to apply the torque in the direction you need for the stud to turn.


PS> One guess as to who loaned me this awesome tool....


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