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Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

Dyno Day Completed -

Lots of great tuning, and 20 good pulls on my "new" motor.

It ran great, sounded good, was happy and well behaved. We found some issues that would befuddled me if I had tried to solve them in the car (low fuel pump pressure, and a terribly stiff vacuum secondary diaphragm that felt OK, but was causing the secondaries to open late / erratically).

In fact, we spent the whole morning working these little challenges. Once we got past these issues, we were able to tune the engine to optimization.

What we seemed to find was that ultimate power is currently limited by my exhaust - primarily in my header collectors.

I was able to run / tune with all the critical systems of my own car (flywheel, distributor, air cleaner, ignition, coil, headers and muffler).

It was a long day, but a fun time, and a great learning experience for me.

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