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Pantera #6383 - My Pantera GTS Found after 35+ years

Back in 1981, I was working in Saudi Arabia, found a sad Pantera GTS (Euro model) dead at the side of the road,
and brought it back to england.

I sold it about 18 months later having Married and children started arriving.

Back then no Internet, and DeTomaso knowledge very poor in England, I had pics but not the Chassis number.

I always wondered if it still existed, I was told that it went to The USA in the Mississippi area.

I had a mail from Chuck Melton this morning, the car is in Norway, and in good condition.

I was so pleased that it had been found, and because of a piece of paper with the car about me importing it have a gander, I wish it could be mine again.............

I tried to put an attachment on but failed.
If you would like to see 6383 its there on Provamo.

thank you Mr Melton.
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