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Reply to "Pantera beats Aston DB9 in braking performance"

The stock Pantera brakes were always very good "warmed up", but not hot.

They suffer mostly from lack of vented rotors and just a change to something like a Porterfield 4s street pad helps with more braking and less fade.

In the day, most suspension/brake performance was limited by the tires available. Today even just production street tires are better then race tires of the time.


I think that the Popular Mechanics article of around 1978 showed the capabilities of the Pantera very well?

One can debate what a "high performance" vehicle is. Going faster is generally what everyone thinks of BUT I personally won't drive any car that can't be driven easily, stop fantastically, and responds instantaneously to where you point it and where you want it to go.

That's my definition of high performance, not to mention having some kind of an eye of economical use of fuel.


I'd always prefer to have a 500hp car. In my experience it can get you out of trouble quicker.

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