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Reply to "Pantera Dashboard vinyl issue"

The new dash as I purchased it needed to be covered and the accessories needed to be drilled and cut in.

Other then that, all the mounting brackets were attached and it was a strait forward installation.

The ducting from the heater/ac box needed to be altered and new defroster ducts needed to be attached.

All the additional parts I needed Wilkinson had on hand and the costs were very reasonable.

For me, this was the correct solution and I enjoyed the project and love the results. That's all of my work. No one else was involved.

The change in feeling of the interior is a drastic difference. Gone is the all black Darth Vadar feeling.

The dash itself is very sturdy.

The additional gauges are an electronic fuel pressure gauge and a manifold vacuum gauge. Both very helpful with a Weber carb set up.

The wood is red oak and I just need to be mindful of termites now? Smiler


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