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I find your early Pantera really interesting, and I think it’s more valuable because it’s a prototype. But you say it’s unmodified, when it sure is not. Question is, who did it and is the changes documented?
What I would really like to know is; what year is your documents dating back to Modena? I suspect, as for my own #01025, that DeTomaso brought it back from the backyard and sold it as new in 73/74.

The sales of Euro pushbuttons were strung out by DeTomaso. My two Euro pushbuttons nos.1103 and no.1185 for example got Dash2 ZF transaxles. Most if not all of USA delivery  PB,s got Dash 1 ZF,s(as in my 1310 USA  delivery)I think DeT, being the wiley dealer, realized that the DASH 2 ZF was superior and saved them for his Euro delivery cars.


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I bought mine in 2016 in Italy from 2nd owner - #1173 - for 230.000,00€
It is an unmodified and highly original, very well restored, very well driving car !!! I did get a 2nd set of wheels. I think for this early PB Pantera, the price is still correct : you don't find them very often in original condition, most are molested (especially US cars, unfortunately).


Originally posted by Eric de earliest 1006:
95 grand for a un modified 20 k miles earliest push button with prototype options no other car has with all documents dating back to Modena I'll buy it from myself for 95 grand lol. Richard from monkey car garage offered me more. And that was over 4 years ago. I want to see if there are any European push buttons out there for sale I think the first 75 are euro not sure but it's hard for me to find another car out there to compare too the president of poca told me my car it depends on what the collector wants to pay to have the earliest in his collection. And I disagree with u on 1006 is same value as Later vins. But what do I know I know nothing about pantera I know I'm listed first on the registery I seen my name on it like 8 years ago. Anyway I'm not in desperate need to sell it we had it since 1991 my dad bought it then I got it if I don't get a good price I'll just keep it another 27 years. But it would be nice to know what other European push buttons are selling for that are orig and. Any one that wants pics can text me I tried to upload pics and it say I can't upload it jmp. I not sure why it say I can't upload jmp what does this mean jpg.

OK Folks Here is the price setter :approx 250K for a highly original,very well restored,well driving car Euro car. Sounds Identicle  to my 1108. which I currently have on Phoenix Craiglist at 160K.That price is now history.

my 1103 PB is actually 1108. sorry for the mix up.