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rocky posted:

So just to add a little detail....

My car (#5357) was built in April '1973 (from the Door Tag).  The Telecars came off my car.   I have a set of 4 shocks still in my garage.

I sold the set of 4 Aristons that came off a '71 or 72 (an earlier car than mine) to one of our members.  The Aristons show that there are different colors as well (this surprised the heck out of me, but...). 

Based on the coil thincness and number of turns, I would say the blue ones go on the rear...

Crazy!  I remembered them being all the same color!


P1010006 [Medium)P1010031 [Medium)

For a given length and for the same wire diameter, the more coils a spring has, the more flexible it is, so I would say that the blues are for the front. To check......