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George P posted:

FWIW Chuck Engle's picture posted by Tim S is the correct picture of a Revson spoilerr. John Buckman's picture is accurate as well. No brake ducts.

Chuck (Rocky) the flat spoiler is not a Revson spoiler. But it copies De Tomaso's earliest spoiler (mid to late 1970s), the one which preceded the better known GTS spoiler (in your second picture) which was a 1980s thing. In a catalog of "unobtrusive narrow body spoilers" I think one should also include the Amerisport spoiler, such as the one mounted on 6018. 


I've been thinking about having this one modified so there's no "cut-out" for the grill in the middle, just a flat spoiler all the way across. Are you reading this Kirk?

The search function is available and works better than ever.


OK. Found the search function button.

I remember the Revson spoiler as having bigger "out riggers" on the sides. Some of these pics because of the angle of the camera, don't show them hiding in the shadows.

I'm wondering now if there was an early version that was revised for better clearances?

I think the only thing that really is practical on a Pantera is a completely flexable one. Especially on a lowered car.

When I first got my car, the steel sheet metal under the radiator support was torn off in a couple of spots from scraping on low curbs.

State codes have required the entrance "ramps" (across the sidewalks) to be revised to a more gradual entrance angle but we still have high Mangusta eating cast iron manhole covers sticking up here and there.

I long ago learned to look down the pavement surfaces of roads for protrusions but my wife still drives over things like curbs and Police motorcycles and when she hears the crunch says what was that?

It's the assassins that hide in the catch basin that are really issues now though. How they constructed those escape tunnels unnoticed needs to be reviewed by the Trump Administration. Probably a leftist conspiracy, right Donald? The wall will stop that.

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