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Silver tongue? Me?

My Pantera does not use the wide tires. I agree with you, the guys with the wide body Panteras should be thanking you. Finding tires for their wide 15 inch wheels has been such a problem for them in the past. They've been strangely silent. I'm sorry for that. Its not too hard to write thank you on a computer.
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... and please be nice about Pirelli. they have been better to the Pantera community than any other tyre manufacturer!

Need I remind you that Michelin offers the XWX in 185/70R15 and 215/70R15. Or that BF Goodrich offers the TA Radial in 205/60R15 and 255/60R15.

If Pirelli made a CN12 in 205/60WR15 then I could combine it with the existing Miura tire (CN12 in 255/60WR15) and that would be a groovy set of tires for my Pantera. Like many other Pantera owners, I could also buy a set of reproduction 10x15 wheels, install the 225/50R15 P7 up front, and combine it with the 285/50R15 at the other end ... if it were available. But as things stand today you don't offer a set of tires for the vast majority of Panteras, including mine.

Since there's no update regarding the 285/50R15 tire size, I assume there hasn't been any mention to Pirelli yet. No "talks" regarding that particular size have been initiated. Is that a valid assumption? By the way I heard you, once talks are under way it shall take years.

I noticed in the thread you linked, that Longstone Tyre is marked as a supporter of FerrariChat, we could use some support too. How would you like a Longstone banner next to Mr. Fiat and SACC Restorations? It might bring you a few extra sales ... some of these guys have several collector cars in their garages.

The 225/50R15 and 345/35R15 are made because of the Countach. The 285/40R15 is made because of Porsche. Correct? Pirelli are snobs from my perspective so long as the needs of the De Tomaso owner aren't part of their decision making process. That will change the day you can announce that 285/50R15 P7s are on the shelf (or 205/60WR15 CN12s). I'm sure they can take a little tease from an old Okie until then. I hope the same goes for you. If you're ever out this way, come on by and share a bottle of 18 year Macallans or Four Roses bourbon. Debbie and I will put you up downtown in the Bella Maggiore.

P.S. My wife's SUV is shod with Pirelli Scorpions, the next set of tires going on my Pantera shall be Pirelli as well.
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