Reply to "Pirelli P7 Tire Re-Issues (15 inch OEM wheels)"

Lets try and deal with these all in one. Although it is quite upsetting how cynical you are. can you not see that you are having one of the worlds best tyre manufacturers make such an obscure small volume tyre for you.

"It just seems odd that Pirelli made the decision to re-introduce a tire (285/40-15 P7) that has a market of a few hundred cars, yet they have not decided to re-introduce the 285/50-15 P7, which has a potential market of more than a thousand cars."

This is based on the fact, that because there is no alternative for a 285/40R15 road tyre at all. At Longstone Tyres we received requests for 285/40R15 tyres from DeThomaso owners. It became apparent that there was a small demand for this tyre and there was no option. Also the fact that there are some Porsche owners and a few Lamborghini owners that would help get this tyre size near to being a viable size to make. It is because we encouraged them to make them and told them we would be able to sell them and make them viable. They are made because of the investment from both; us at Longstone stocking and marketing these tyres and from Pirelli finding the time within their production schedule and investing in a mold.

Correct me if i am wrong, but there were 362 cars - GT4, GT5 & GT5-S cars made, that could want this 285/40R15 tyre as a front.

There were only about 100 GTS and Group 3 cars made, which, i'm sure you can see made it appear that the demand for a 285/50R15 was very minimal, also backed up by there being a 275/55R15 CR6ZZ tyre that works as a good alternative.

It is only because of my presence on this forum talking to you guys that have made it apparent that so many of the earlier cars have now fitted these wheels that make it so that a 285/50R15 Cinturato P7 tyre is the one you want. Which correct me if i am wrong is the case? It is not due to the original production of this tyre, but only because of events post production that means that the earlier pre 79 cars now have the bigger wheel and want the 285/50R15 tyres on the rear. surely you can see that to the outsider it would appear that hardly any cars fitted a 285/50? Pirelli can't guess these things. They use me to find out.

"It's as if selling tires isn't Pirelli's primary motivation when it comes to re-introducing these "old" tires to the market."

Please don't be so cynical, Please don't abuse Pirelli if you want them to make the tyre that you want. this is the sort of comment that would give Pirelli the opinion that if they make the effort to make this tyre for you again, you are not going to buy it.

George P

"My Pantera does not use the wide tires. I agree with you, the guys with the wide body Panteras should be thanking you. Finding tires for their wide 15 inch wheels has been such a problem for them in the past. They've been strangely silent. I'm sorry for that. Its not too hard to write thank you on a computer."

Ha Ha! we don't need thank yous's. we just need to sell the tyres. I have loads in stock, and when Pirelli make some other batches only then will it start to make the investment in the mold plausible.

"Need I remind you that Michelin offers the XWX in 185/70R15 and 215/70R15. Or that BF Goodrich offers the TA Radial in 205/60R15 and 255/60R15."

Michelin XWX are great, I'm not a massive fan of the COMP TA, but that is a difficult tyre combination. Making a 205/60R15 is tricky to justify, because i don't know anything else that would fit it. Also correct me if i am wrong, but if Pirelli made a 205/60, that would take away directly from the potential sales of a 285/50R15 P7? I'm not saying that a 205/60R15 will not happen. But lets take things one step at a time. It has to be commercially viable.

"Since there's no update regarding the 285/50R15 tire size, I assume there hasn't been any mention to Pirelli yet. No "talks" regarding that particular size have been initiated. Is that a valid assumption? By the way I heard you, once talks are under way it shall take years."

I am in talks with them about this size, but it is not as yet set in production. It will take time. Please be patient.

"I noticed in the thread you linked, that Longstone Tyre is marked as a supporter of FerrariChat, we could use some support too. How would you like a Longstone banner next to Mr. Fiat and SACC Restorations? It might bring you a few extra sales ... some of these guys have several collector cars in their garages."

FerrariChat covers a wide range of car makes and there are loads of Ferrari, and FerrariChat gets loads of traffic. There are very few DeThomaso cars. email me and talk to me about cost.

But please bare in mind that the investment that has been made in DeThomaso from our side, by far out ways the profits. We are a profit making entity as is Pirelli of course, but that doesn't mean we sitting in the Ritz sipping Champagne based on the massive profits made out of the DeThomaso community. We want to do the job right supply you guys with the best possible tyres for a fair price. If you don't believe that try to buy alternative Countach tyres and you will see how fair we are. read the comments from customers, and i think on balance you will find they feel we have been fair, but that it took a long time; which it just does. The same would apply to the 285/40R15 P7. That is a good fair price. Our hope is, that way we maintain a good reputation, that reflects well on Both Longstone Tyres and Pirelli, but of course we must also make a profit.

"The 225/50R15 and 345/35R15 are made because of the Countach."

No, the 225/50R15 P7 was made for Porsche. I helped justify the production of the 345/35R15 P7, because it would increase the sales of the 225/50R15.

"The 285/40R15 is made because of Porsche. Correct?"

Not completely correct. It raised it's head because of interest from DeThomaso, which would help increase the sales volume of the 345/35R15 P7. Also because of interest from Porsche who were also reasonably well satisfied by Michelin TB tyres. But it is not correct to believe that it is just for Porsche. It started because of the Pantera. If you notice, the tyres that were made for Porsche have Porsche N4 homologation. However all things considered, if it had really been made for Porsche - would it matter? i don't think so.

"Pirelli are snobs from my perspective so long as the needs of the De Tomaso owner aren't part of their decision making process."

that is not fair and unfounded, because DeThomaso were part of the decision. and be realistic, why should they make an obsolete tyre for an obsolete car brand? they are of course a commercial entity. this is not a charity. However between us, we got that front tyre made, and the plan is to make your 285/50. Please do not be rude about Pirelli. Financially we want this range to wash it's own face. It will never make what a massive organisation like Pirelli would consider a profit worth considering. there just aren't enough cars. They like making tyres in batches of 1,000,000+. If this range can wash it's face and promotes the Pirelli brand they will do it. but if they make a batch of tyres, nobody buys them and they go round bad mouthing them. why would they give a S**t about anything we ask them to make. Currently Pirelli's dedication to making tyres for the likes of the Countach, Porsche, Audi Quattro etc and the Pantera is fantastic. they deserve our thanks not our abuse.

So what if they are doing it because they think it is a good marketing exercise. I agree doing a good job of helping weird cars be able to get the right tyre is a great way of doing it, and you only benefit from it

" I'm sure they can take a little tease from an old Okie until then. I hope the same goes for you. If you're ever out this way, come on by and share a bottle of 18 year Macallans or Four Roses bourbon. Debbie and I will put you up downtown in the Bella Maggiore."

That sounds like a great idea. I'd love to come and guzzle "The Macallan" till my eyes go red some time with you and Debbie. i do keep fantasizing about popping out to the States again, and maybe racing at Laguna Seca during pebble Beach in my silly little racing car