Please advise how to pass a Calif. visual inspection & tail pipe emissions test for a grey market 1980 GTS

S/N 9193, engine 351/0725, Distributor P/N D3PE 12127 PA 9J28 (Dual points & dual vacuum advance diaphragms). There are no engine spec data plates. Only fluid service in Itallian.
I am trying to prep the engine for a Calif. smog test and visual inspection at the DMV. So I just want everything original and working to pass.
Too little and too much info out there to figure out where to set the engine for the distributor installation. Pantera manual says TDC. My old brain is thinking 6-8 BTDC.
Then where should it be set with a timing light say at 1,000 RPM, vac hoses connected or disconnected ?
Also to clarify vacuum source terminology, "Ported or carbureted" vacuum is taken befor the throttle valve plates ? Manifold is after, correct ?
Again, right now I don't care about performance. I just want to pass the smog tests.
Accessing the distributor while installed is hard to do so if possible I want to get this right the first time.
I can go at the dwell angle stuff later. Now I need the bare bone simple basics of distributor installation.
Thanks guys.
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