Reply to "Please advise how to pass a Calif. visual inspection & tail pipe emissions test for a grey market 1980 GTS"

You got that right.
Lucky for me my smog guy is about a mile away and will help. Then it's 3 blocks to the DMV for the visual insp.
I have never touched a Ford engine and know zip about smog stuff.
This is a bit of a different beast than the Ford Panteras.
Never the less if I can continue using this brain trust it'll work out.
Does it make any sense to you having the retard diaphragm ported to the distributor point cavity / under the cap ? I can't figure it. Seems like an induction leak to me but it would lean the mixture. Should I buy another advance / retard modual ?
Also, how the flip does retarding the timing help with emissions ?
Emission theory seems counter logical but I'm not the sharpest tack in the board with a Ford.
But I can tune your aircraft engine.