Power window issues


Finally got 9193 powered up with electricity. All great other than the power windows that have not been moved for 18 yrs.

I've seen post on the sector gears but can't figure out how to do a search on the new format.

The left side sound like the gears are not aligned / meshed correctly. No backlash maybe and not moving well. Looking with a mirror and flashlight it looks like a tooth may be missing from the motor. Parts source ?

The right side is frozen so I'm pulling the panel to clean, lube and look.

Last, is there a way to turn off the dome light ? Stays on until I disconnect the bat.

Also the wiper operation seems to be slow and slower. Is that the way they are ?

I hate to say this but I am not too impressed with the quality of work on this car. Seems like the factory rushed it and put it together with whatever they could scrounge up. No matter because it's a blast to work on.

All I need is the fuel hose coupling (tank to filler) before I fire the beast up. Should be this week.

The new format is quirky but cool. Well done !


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