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Yes this is the a summary total of what is in the registry, by group.

Some examples:

Of the 401 Mangusta built, the registry has data on 309.

309/401 = approximately 77%

Of the 150 USA Pantera GTS made, the registry has 132.

132/150 = approximately 88%.

Of the 41 Pantera Si there is data on 35.  35/41 = approximately 85%.

Like any data set in statistics some adjustments need to be included.

I think there is a 'test' entry.  It might be a Mangusta, so the number would go down by 1.

A couple of owners have entered there car under two different VINs.

If the second VIN did not already have content, it might be a duplicate, thus inaccurately increasing the number of cars in the registry by 1.

Take the GT5 model, your nom de guerre, the registry has data on 148 cars.

148/ ??? (total produced) = ? %

We really do not know for sure exactly how many were made.  Much has been discussed about this, and George Pence and others have done a great job mathematically reducing the likely range of total cars produced by model.

So run your own calculations.

If I get more time for creating statistics...

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