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Replacement lenses for Pantera door lamps available via Amazon.

I found lenses on Amazon that work as replacements for Pantera door lamps.  Amazon delivered 12 side markers lights for $7.99, and the side markers can be  sawed off and fit nicely in the Pantera door lamp housing.  Below is a picture of a door lamp before and after.     The rivets on the original housing can be readily drilled out.  Here is the link to Amazon as well.




The picture below shows an original lens on the left, a sawed off lens in the middle, and a donor side marker on the right.  



Here are some of what Amazon sent.  I have extra pairs for free if anyone local wants them.



Images (3)
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  • aOr9xEiQSuaWLaf3cyPB9g
  • K6wjfMfHQbCrHJdqNJR2bA
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