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Reply to "Restored Wiring Harness"

..see test fit ..Glove box and heater box..(forgot!! TX Larry)

AND..see the Pantera has all the old style wiring with lots of  links/wires go through the inition switch and relativelay thick wires as a result - less voltage drop besides amp max.

As you did go the tough route ALL OUT (which I did) you have lots of option to improve or

what you can GAIN are thinner wires as you  need  them just to drive control to the relais, light and motor front. Also the power window motors original is old design with weak magnets ( material comes from China - rare earth  ) I replaced motors by modern ones AND as they suck only 3..Amp max all the heavy wire comming  from the up down switchen can be replaced. They are thick and replacing gives you a much easier to bend loom..more option to set it up. And the newer  wires  coating is softer !!!

Well I also killed the extra fuses/box for the power window motors.

WARNING : if you replace any wire REPLACE IT BY SAME COLOR and make it 1/2 foot longer..all this worked for me did replace prob 500 Y of  new  wire. plus extra in engine bay  for pump, etc.

AND DOCUMENT on print outs of the impressive work by the nice work from Sobb (hope correct) and team.

Mat.... (still sking but got a havy snow shower..)