Reply to "Shoulder Harness Bracket Size and advise on 4 point set up"

ok I see..

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merci , understand that was my guess as a will CONTINIUE on 3 POINT..
P.S.: I will come to see you and progress on your deep detailed chassis  work!!!, today/2018 just toooo anxious the red cat might fail on the 300 km trip. , did only 500 km in total on the engine and ALL stuff I did, as you know EVERY screw was toughted.. Need to do some Quality assurance stuff (QA) over the winter, as found some adjustmens need to be fixed. You  might come and see me, will invite my French Lady friend  to be here....big smile !!!! 



tell me more..I am not happy to have extra Bolds on the firewall..
any other GOOD 3 Point belt options???  I have no idea on Land Cruiser (happy to buy one of the vintage class cars..still serching). Back to Seat belts .any thought please though experience..? Ref RenĂ© 4 point is a mess for "daily" driving..what I thought..but not hoped..



Tx Team

Matthias is the garage, loked with heavy cat 8 wires and savety never know ..all ready for the winter to come....