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Decided to Update my post and give the detail on the stop removal.  Actually the stops are not crimped, they are brazed on the cable. The pointed tip is a build up of braze on the tip of exposed cable.

No special tools needed. 10 min for one end. (All that is needed to thread the cable out. )   I'm sure compatible aftermarket brake cable components are available somewhere. 

I used a torch the melt off much of the braze at the tip only (a step that wasn't needed, I could have just ground down the braze and tip of cable flush with the stop or done it after cutting the stop off,  less chance of damaging the stainless cable with heat

Tape the cable close to the stop so it doesn't unravel,   

Cut the stop off the cable with a cutoff wheel - very close to the stop, ground the cable flat and close to the stop. You only lose 1inch of cable 

Dropped the stop in a small 1/4 drive socket as a holder so it is stable for the next step

Small center punch , punched out the center strands of the stainless cable ( remaining braze is very soft) , then used an appropriate drift punch the punch out the remaining strands. Then reamed out the hole by hand with a drill bit held in a vise. 

Reassembly; I will possibly slide it on and tap it with a hammer beforehand to crimp it just before a  spot of braze.  

Hope this helps someone to salvage cables or assist with detail refinishing the hardware. 

Jerry Sr

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