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Cobbling is a little harsh . I like to think of it as renovating lol.  If you can't tell it was done and it performs the original purpose it seems like a win to me. I'm not sure but who wouldn't disassembe a relay to file the points? Clean contacts on a fuse box? (There only a couple $$). Take and hour and $30 to save $200 worth of cables

Differnt strokes I guess. 

$200 cables would still leave under powered rear brakes, unless I install upraded calipers which leaves me with no parking brake  Unless l reuse the original 2 pistons calipers for parking brakes or install secondary parking brake calipers, while I'm at it I may as well relocate the parking brake to a removable crossmember (getting done) install drilled and slotted outboard mounted  rotors., Machine or change the uprights for upgraded rear bearings  , Crap I forgot about the front rotors caliper, upgraded master cylinder, removal of proportioning valve (getting done ). Upgrade to complete stainless hard lines (getting done) and braided hoses (getting done ) . Upgrade to Rs4 pads. (getting done)  much of that would be over kill the car will never be raced , maybe 

So you can see my cobble job isn't very well thought out considering the vehicle is on a rotisserie with about 60 boxes of parts , major and minor components that are all getting re-inspected and tweaked a second time.

I can always revisit the brake cable, an externally mounted part that would require maybe 20 min to replace,  if there was complicated teardown or if it effected safety or reliability I would certainly replace new. 

Just trying to make the point that (my) restoration is a process of weighing out choices and not just throwing money at it and great therapy at the same time. 

I work on/around vehicles every day and have for 43 years (so long that I forgot what I forgot) , repairing/rebuilding is not usually an option, almost everything now is designed disposable (for economic or time factors)  Calipers, rotors, struts, window motors and regulators, almost no electrical part is repairable (I could go on and on) designed to be or are the parts readily available to do so. 

I enjoy the fact that so many of the components and parts on Pantera's can be reconditioned to function as original or better without just throwing parts away, it can be challenging but I didn't buy a ready made late model thinking installing a cold air intake is a big upgrade, It is after all a Pantera. The learning curve is straightening out a little, thanks to many who post on his site and others

I have had delivery's  of Pantera parts daily for months I can't wait till that stops lol.   A $200 set of cables wouldn't kill my wallet just my pride.  

Respectfully .Jerry Sr. 

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