Reply to "Large Diameter Campy Clones available from American Republic Wheels"

Originally posted by gen2pantera:
Hi Tom,

I'm looking for center caps that work with Campy emblems. Did your wheels come with a "flat" cap? Mine have the "Boyds" dome center caps.


Brain, mine are the dome cap also, but mine have "Boyd Coddington" script. The opening on my wheel where the center cap would go is pretty close to 2.375 inches across. What is yours?

Chris Coddington told me that the wheel center hole for the emblem was the same size as the original Campy wheels and all you had to do is buy the replacements from one of the vendors. The picture below shows the emblem I want which I believe is either a reproduction or original...either way they look better than the dome. There is a post on the Provamo site that says they are for sale? I will let you know if I find them.



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