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Reply to "Large Diameter Campy Clones available from American Republic Wheels"

This is my first attempt at posting picture. Here are a few photos from tire mounting a couple of weeks ago:

Coddington 18x12 7.25" backspace with PS2 335/30-18:

On the car, rear view:

Inboard tire value near rear upright. I'm thinking standard valves won't work.

Front side view. I was concerned about too much front space.

Here are a couple of tire valve solutions I'm looking at:
1. Flush mount:
2. 82deg angled:

After looking at both, the 83deg stems look better. They don't require an adapter and are just over 1/4" from the rim. More test fits ahead. Any other ideas would be welcome.

I'll have a front tire mounted soon and post photos of the 17x8s and 18x12s on the car.

Right after these photos were shot, I spun rod bearing and the engine's now the priority. But, that's a post for another area..

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