Reply to "Large Diameter Campy Clones available from American Republic Wheels"

First I'd like to share the wheel width and offset info below:

The information below is our current best recommendation regarding the subject of Pantera wheels (as of February 2017). Both the wheel width and offset are very specific for one tire width, they are not useful for someone seeking a specification for one-size wheel that fits several size tires. This is the way it is with these modern short sidewall tires. The idea is to achieve the best appearance possible for your rolling Italian artwork (valued at $80,000 USD).

Second I'd like to mention feedback I've read here in the forums regarding the wheels themselves, and feedback regarding doing business with American Republic Wheels.

The centers of these wheels have 3 dimensional "depth" like the OEM Campy wheels, more so than other Campy clone wheels. For instance the frames around the "windows" tilt outwards at an angle whereas other Campy clones are flat as a pancake. To machine the wheel at multi-angles like that requires more time on the CNC machine, and makes the wheel more expensive. These wheels are gorgeous, and a good option for Pantera owners.

Boyd Coddington once manufactured the wheels for Pantera East, the Pantera East wheels had several features which made them closer in appearance and function to the OEM Campy wheels than other Campy clones on the market.

  • 62mm hub bore diameter
  • wheel center designed for the OEM logo disc held-in by a circlip, instead of a "pop-in" cap
  • reproduction of the intermediate "step" built into the original wheel
  • old-style (traditional) wheel "lip" design

The intermediate step I refer to can be seen in the picture at the bottom of this post (its a picture of Tom's wheels which I borrowed from page 1 of this thread). It looks less like a "step" and more like a "ring" surrounding the wheel center in the picture, but that is simply due to the angle of the photo and all the polished aluminum.

Boyd Coddington is under new ownership, it has been American Republic Wheels since 2010. Please be forewarned their standard "Campi wheel" spec is a rather generic style wheel spec intended for owners of classic American hot rods and muscle cars who like the Campi look. It lacks the features listed above that were found in the wheels formerly produced for Pantera East. If you want a wheel that is more Pantera-specific or similar to the Pantera East wheel, be sure to start the exchange by explaining you are purchasing wheels for a Pantera and want wheels machined and assembled to the former Pantera East specification, except in terms of diameter, width, and offset. Be specific with what you're looking for. They have a CNC program for the Pantera East wheel, owners have been able to have wheels produced to that spec.

Doing business with American Republic Wheels has been an exercise in frustration and disappointment for some folks. These wheels are a nice option for owners, it would be a shame to write-off this business. So I'd like to read about both the positive experiences and the problems our members have encountered.

If you have done business with them in the past, please share with us your experiences with us. This will help your fellow Pantera owners decide whether or not to do business with this company; perhaps you can share the pitfalls you encountered so that others may avoid them.

Thank you.


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