Reply to "Large Diameter Campy Clones available from American Republic Wheels"

Two weeks ago, I spoke at length with Dave Rittenhouse about his Campi wheels.  Anyone interested in a group buy?

Hi Dave, Im interested in the Pantera East Campi design that you made for JimmyM.
$3900 regular price.

Hi Dave, to confirm our conversation.   
Pantera East design Campi
17x8to9, 18x10to12,. For $3900

Will you offer 10% off if min 3 wheel sets are ordered?

Dave's reply:
I will give a group buy discount of 10% off the cost if you can have 3 or more sets of wheels. The discount is off the set of wheels and does not apply to the cost of shipping, or tax if applicable by state. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again.

Let the group know that the order must be taken at the same time for discount to apply. The specs of course can be different  per order, and I can of course get payment details separately for security reasons.

Outer Bead is their choice... Stepped or soft... &
Valve inboard or outboard.
Backspacing per customer.

Regarding... the soft lip option...  I would have to create 2 new cnc programs,
 as the soft lip barrel ID is larger.

If they want to do a soft lip option let them know that the windows would be larger and that my programmer charges  500 per custom program. If more than one person wants the soft lip option, they can split the cost of the program.

The soft lip version would differ slightly .... I would make the windows as close as I can to proportional factory and the knuckle bump would be on the top window like factory.

I'll send you a photo of the Boyd Campi wheel. The wheel I would create would be a little different of course. More factory looking.

Yes but not on the Boyd wheel with the soft lip. The Boyd version is a domed cap with a o-ring holding it on. The one I would do for you would have to be modified to suit the oe cap

That does remind me this wheel style does not come with center caps. They never did due to the fact that Pantera East and others had there own caps.

Dave wrote later that "the wheels will be machined to suit the snap ring cap"

Dave was very accommodating.
His phone is 562-446-3504