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Those are the original seats shown on the release of the car in Italy.
Originally posted by Hustler:
Thanks for the advice you guys. I'll take a look at how involved it would be to space the pedal box forward. I'll probably delay the floor pan drop, but may be in the books too after the car is back together. I believe most of the back soreness was the result of leaning back at an incline not at the same degree as the seat, so inherently I had no back support. The firewall/seat is inclined at 10 degrees correct? I didn't mind scrunching my legs together by scooting my butt forward, it was the prolonged lack of back lumbar support.

I may be in a better boat if I can just angle the seat correctly as low as possibleand do what you suggested Kirk and just bolt it directly to the floor and remove the rails altogether. It will just be a little more difficult to finagle in. I'll look at the skidplate idea or at the very least a beveled head or something to sink it in more flush.

Those seats are nice David, I want to say I've run across those before. Definitely on the pricey side, but whats your back worth Smiler Do you know anyone with those seats installed?

Seems like every once in awhile I read about guys getting out of these cars mostly because of back issues as they get older. So I should probably put some attention into a solution now.

This Bride Histrix looks interesting as well. Maybe not everyones cup o tea Smiler

Also anyone know who makes this seat? This somewhat positions you in a better position I would think.