Reply to "Sticky #3: Pantera Seats"

Seats with any kind of sidebolsters in a Pantera are not easy to live with.

It isn't that once you are in they are much of a problem but getting in and out combined with the deep footwells and the proximity of the steering wheel are for me are just a "bridge to far".

You don't really need side bolsters in a Pantera because the car itself is going to hold you in place. Not unless you are 100 pounds and 5 foot tall.

You are really creating an "infant car seat" for adults with it.

I stand with my original combination of the Hall modified seat on the early hinged back design, lowered pans, pedals moved forward, power seat platforms, quick release steering wheel and height adjustable column.

That all didn't happen over night. I understand why there is just so much resistance to it by other owners, but just changing to the one "magic seat" isn't going to do it.

Putting in power seat platforms are going to give you the flexibility of tilt and height adjustments that you are looking for. It gives you the ability also to lower the seat enough to wear a helmet as well on track day without creating additional drama.

Those platforms are adjustable fore/aft, up/down, tilt forward/tilt backwards.

Corvette units are the easiest to find and are going to match up to just about any seat you decide on.