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Originally posted by PanteraDoug: Must be the difference in where we are located? Those bends are about $30 each to me. At least that's what I was quoted? Is Iowa really part of the US or is it NY is just in a different Universe?

It's not Iowa, just e-commerce man! I bought most of the stainless bends from these guys. It was all 3” CL and all US milled Rath-Gibson tube.

I bought a few of the exceptionally tight radius (2” CL) pieces from these guys. It wasn’t quite the quality of the above. I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison given the tight bending radius but the tube just wasn’t the quality form the above source. They carry a lot of Vibrant brand stuff which is usually decent quality. They have lots of related hardware and I found their website quite user friendly and complete with information.


These guys are also quite reasonable and good quality.

All of the above are still full of mandrel lube. I bought a long tube brush for $3 and $3 worth of water base degreaser concentrate in a 5 gallon bucket. About 2 minutes in the bucket with the brush was all it took to make the pieces look bright dipped.

I’ve mentioned Burns a couple times. I don’t mean to bag on them in anyway. Their quality is first rate and the stuff comes clean, degreased, and individually wrapped. I just can’t justify 75%-100% more in price for it.

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