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Reply to "Sticky #4: Pantera Exhaust Systems"

He doesn't mention, Pat Michal, the headers on his web page, but as far as I know he is the only one who has bothered to build a real collector into the GTS headers?

A 3" collector is necessary to make the headers scavenge. That is one of the benefits of fabricated tube headers.

It would be interesting to add a thread to this on what the decibel level readings are that everyone is getting from their systems, EVEN STOCK!

With the availability of the free sound level apps for smart phones, this is a piece of cake.

At this point just saying, stock, a little louder, etc, can be put into numbers so that EVERYONE has a reference to what can and can not be done sound wise?

I'm getting flack from people who are just looking at the exhausts and telling me they are illegal. They haven't even heard them run.

I don't know where that is coming from since I keep looking high and low and can't find one violation in the statutes.

It might simply be that people don't believe this is a production '73 model year car? They want to know where the catalytic converters and the air pump is?

Anyone out there that has experienced being stopped for "roadside examination" on their cars like the CHiPs still do occasionally in CA?